Find Your Offshore – Project Based Team

Explore our offshore project-based teams designed to deliver tailored software development solutions with global expertise and efficient project management.


Single Resource Team

Dedicated experts aligned with your project requirements, offering full-time commitment and specialized focus.

Dedicated Team

A flexible team of 2-10 professionals with diverse skill sets, customized to support specific project phases or ongoing development needs. Each team member undergoes rigorous pre-qualification via face-to-face interviews.

Supervised Team

Carefully selected resources supervised by our Chief Technologist, ensuring project goals are met through continuous monitoring and detailed weekly reporting.

Customized Solutions

We understand that every project is unique. Our platform allows you to build a custom offshore team that aligns perfectly with your project requirements and business goals.

Talent Pool

Gain access to a vast pool of skilled professionals across various domains and industries. From developers and designers to marketers and project managers, we have the talent you need.


Scale your team up or down based on project demands. Whether you need a small team for a short-term project or a larger team for ongoing support, we’ve got you covered.


Reduce overhead costs associated with hiring and maintaining an in-house team. With competitive pricing and flexible engagement models, you can achieve significant cost savings.


How It Works

Tell Us Your Needs:

Provide us with details about your project requirements, including skills needed, project timeline, and budget.

Team Matching:

Our platform matches you with pre-vetted professionals whose skills align with your project specifications.


Once you’ve selected your team members, we handle all aspects of onboarding, ensuring a smooth integration with your existing workflows.

Project Management:

Collaborate seamlessly with offshore team using our integrated project management tools. Track progress, communicate updates, and ensure deadlines are met.

Support & Maintenance:

Beyond project completion, we provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure long-term success.

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